Simone Frank

Simone Frank is a modern portrait photographer. She is all about the transformation!

When it comes to transformations, you could say I've been there a few times! We are ever changing, morphing creatures. Change is growth. Change can be beautiful and inspiring. I am inspired by it!

I successfully ran a home staging business for 8 years and was in the business of transforming homes. I got such a rush from the final reveal. You know that moment you see on the design shows where the clients come home to see the renovations and decorating complete. Theres a lot of "Oh my God" and "Wow" going on. Well that was addicting to me. I loved to show people the potential! During this time, I took up photography in earnest to showcase my talents via beautiful images as well as showing before and afters. It didn't take me long to discover that I enjoyed photographing people more than homes. In particular, I LOVED photographing women! Nothing gives me more joy than showing a woman who claims she is not photogenic, that she indeed IS photogenic and delivering the best photo she has ever had of herself. I have immersed myself in the education of specifically posing and photographing women. All women. All sizes. All ages. All beautiful in their own way.

I am so lucky to do what brings me such joy for a living!

From my heart,



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