I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely young woman at my downtown Barrie photography studio recently.

As many of you know, I specialize in photographing women 40 plus but there is something about photographing 18 years old that I’m very drawn to. It’s that age on the verge of adulthood where you don’t quite have your shit together yet but have a sense of the world at your feet and are scared but exciting to get out there and find your way.

When I decided to photograph Miss L, I thought about getting her professional hair and makeup (a normal practice for my sessions) but decided I wanted to let her do her.

She arrived at the studio with the 2 dresses she bought for prom. Yes, she’s attending 2 proms! I had set up a makeup station and as she applied her makeup and curled her hair, I sat and chatted with her. We talked about school, upcoming university, boys and of course grad. She was equally interested in my story, how I got where I am and the path that lead me here. They say that this generation is utterly self absorbed and I say, when was the last time you actually sat down and had a conversation with an 18 year old? You may be surprised.

Once she was ready, we started shooting and oh, she forgot her shoes! LOL, oh well, it just adds to the authenticity of her age. There’s a lot going on, at all times! I set up the studio to resemble what I pictured a room of an 18 year old girl would look like. Something between girly and womanly. Lots of feminine qualities and soft textures.

Miss L felt a bit awkward which is to be expected but I directed her from the tip of her toes to the tilt of her head. I did not make her say cheese, I wanted her natural, easy expression and when she did laugh or smile, it felt natural. At times I saw the little girl in her and then all of the sudden, this confident woman who will rule the world!

My hope is that she will have these photos forever. That when life gets busy and the years slip by as they do for all of us, that she will take a moment to look at them and smile. That she will look at her 18 year old self with love and pride.

I wish you all the success and happiness,

love Simone xo

Intimate Portraits

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have moved my location. Im now in a beautiful, historic, downtown Barrie studio. It’s all very exciting and I plan on doing a blog post specifically to show my new space.

Today I want to announce that I now offer Intimate Portraiture. Commonly, this style is known as Boudoir, however, there is something about that word that conjures images in my mind that quite honestly, I don’t relate to. In fact, the word actually scares me. Ask most women my age (50 something) if they would like to do a boudoir shoot and you will likely hear a quick “Hell No!” Many women feel that boudoir photography is limited to the young, slim women who are comfortable with baring it all in scant underclothes. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud any woman, young/mature/thin/curvy who has enjoyed a photoshoot to celebrate their femininity!

Im proposing something a little different. Intimate Portraits. What does this mean? It will mean something different for each woman. Sexy? Hell yes! Naked or wearing tiny lingerie? Not necessarily. Sexy is a state of mind, we are all sexual beings and women go through seasons throughout her life. My goal is to tap into a woman’s feminine, sexy side, where she feels most powerful and safe. I want to make a connection, a real, honest, woman to woman, I see your soul, kind of connection.

I want my woman to do this for her, not her husband, boyfriend or lover. Of course she may want to share but these portraits, this session, is for her. This woman is worth celebrating and doesn’t need a milestone to do it. Life is full of events, and celebrating your power as a woman is something we should all do more of!

We start by having a face to face consultation. Come see me at my beautiful studio. There we will talk about everything. How you want to be photographed. What are your concerns, if any? What do you love about yourself, what do you not love? Do you have any mobility issues? What to wear? Do you want to be fresh faced and natural, or do you want the full glam experience? Which of my many products appeal to you, beautiful bespoke folio boxes, or gorgeous lay flat albums? Did you know I have a professional Hair and Makeup gal who is the sweetest and most talented I have ever met in this industry? She will calm any nervous jitters you may have by pampering you and making you look and feel gorgeous! I also have a professional wardrobe stylist from Toronto who can source amazing designer looks to use for the shoot! Maybe you have an amazing outfit that you’ve only wore once and you would love to be photographed in it! Lets collaborate and make some memorable photos that will last way longer than we will.

What does intimate portraiture look like for you? Maybe its an oversized cashmere sweater baring a shoulder or your grandmothers full length mink coat and a red lip. Maybe its you curled up in a chair with your reading glasses on, messy bun and big book covering your (fill in the blank). You get my drift, right? No one gets to define what sexy/intimate is for you, but you. This is for you, we do you. Not a standard of beauty that has been fed to us by the media. I see beauty in all women, I see it in her eyes, the lines on her face, in the smile on her face.

I cannot wait to show you the beauty I see!

Simone xo


Barrie Portrait Photographer: talking holiday makeup

Its that time of year when people tend to gather. Friends, family, and co workers are all feeling the festive season and parties are in full swing! Time to put on a pretty outfit, do your hair and then of course the makeup.

I decided to ask my makeup artist extraordinaire, Sara for some of her favourite makeup tips for the holiday season.

Here is her sage advise:

1.       Time to check your foundation colour… Unfortunately, we don’t all maintain that lovely sun-kissed glow year round and for many of us this means that our foundation colour will not be the same year round either! It is important to change your tinted moisturizer or foundation according to the changes in your skin. We are naturally a shade or 2 lighter in the winter months, the best way to ensure your colour is correct and avoid the “mask effect” is to test your foundation at the base of your jaw and down to your neck.

PRO TIP: When looking for the correct foundation colour always match the colour to your neck and upper chest. As the largest visible parts of the body, your upper chest and neck should blend seamlessly with your face for the most natural looking finish. 

2.       MOISTURE IS A MUST ! These cold winter months suck the moisture from our skin, it is vital that moisturising becomes a major part of our skin care & makeup routine. There are lots of great products on the market today from moisture adding primers to setting sprays, two of my favourites are NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray ($10.00/60mL from Shoppers Drug Mart) and MAC Prep+Prime Spray ($28.00/100mL from MAC). As sprays they are a super easy step to implement into your beauty routine and the fact that they mist onto your skin means that they are light weight and absorbed by the skin as needed.

PRO TIP: Add moisture to your existing foundation by spraying your sponge or beauty blender with a moisture adding setting spray – not only will it make your foundation go further, it will also leave you with a flawless dewy finish that lasts all day.

3.       RED LIPS, A HOLIDAY MUST HAVE Anyone can wear RED! It is just about finding the correct shade for your skin tone and colouring. Reds generally come with 1 of 3 undertones, blue, orange or brown. I find for this time of year, we are all looking for a classic red lip and for me this is a blue-red – the bonus with this shade is that it makes your teeth look whiter for all those holiday photos! I would suggest trying a few different reds until you find the shade that’s just right for you!

PRO TIP: When wearing a bold lip, liner is a must! And a secret… reverse line your lips with either concealer and a brush or a concealer stick, lining the outer edge of your lip. This technique will stop smudging or bleeding of your lipstick! A product I love for this, because of its convenience, portability and cost is the NYX Wonder Pencil – it comes in a few shades (depending on your skin tone) and is available for $6 at Shoppers Drug Mart or online from 


Sara Park



Thanks Sara for these great tips! Now to check my foundation!

Women 50 and over are being ignored and I want to change that!

Why aren't women in their 50's, 60's and 70's not represented in the media in terms of beauty and glamour? We all have our ideas of what beauty is, some of these ideas have been cultivated from the bombardment of images in the media. 

Being a woman in my 50's, I feel its my responsibility to showcase the beauty in mature women. Theres nothing more beautiful than a woman who has the confidence and maturity that comes with age. She is not self conscious of her laugh lines because she still has that twinkle in her eye. Mature is beautiful, sexy and should be celebrated!

Do you know a beautiful mature woman who deserves to feel amazing about herself? Treat her to a one of a kind gift of feeling like a celebrity for the day. Portraits are a truly unique expression of love that lasts generations. Mention this blog before Jan. 1, 2018 and recieve a 200$ gift voucher towards purchased prints. I have 10 gift vouchers to give away so call today and secure your spot.




The legacy Portrait

Creating a portrait is not just about a beautiful picture of you. Its about celebrating your existence, your uniqness and your individuality. Its about creating a history-your legacy.

I want to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself! Portraits that you and your loved ones will treasure always. Portraits that will be lovingly gazed upon by your future generations.